The heartbeat method for shifting reality:  A 6-step guide


1. Find a heartbeat sound on YouTube

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Choose a clear heartbeat sound on YouTube with high views for credibility in the first step of the heartbeat method.

2. Get into a comfortable position and relax

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Choose a comfortable position, preferably lying down, where you can concentrate, relax, and fall asleep to effectively use the heartbeat method for reality shifting.

3. Listen to the heartbeat sound

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Angel number 11 hints at an upcoming soulmate connection, and a method, involving a psychic artist's sketch, can eliminate the uncertainty of recognizing "the one" even if known for years.

4. Start visualizing your desired reality

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Visualize your ideal reality positively, like imagining yourself listening to heartbeats, and try a transformative breathwork video for emotional well-being.

5. Imagine this person is leading you to a door

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Envision a door as the entry to your desired reality, guided by a companion; recite positive affirmations if unsure, then imagine the guide leading you into a beautiful new reality.

6. Open your eyes when you reach your destination

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Upon entering the door, feel like you're falling, stay focused on your desired reality, and open your eyes in the envisioned room, continuing affirmations to complete the method.

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