15 prayers for a cheating boyfriend (to heal the relationship)

Are you worried that your boyfriend is having an affair? Or did he just cheat on you?

Ouch! It’s heart-wrenching and painful when your partner has been unfaithful. It can even be hard to know what to do or how to start.

Let me tell you that prayers will help you get through this challenging time. It can powerfully help you to heal and mend your broken heart.

So if you want to pray for your cheating partner, pray against adultery, pray for forgiveness, or even pray that everything will get back together, let this article be your prayer guide.

If you’re looking for prayers to heal your broken relationship or your heart, keep reading too.

Prayers for a boyfriend who cheated on you

You can use these prayers as a guide and inspiration in your prayers and modify them to suit your situation.

Let these prayers heal the pain you’re feeling right after someone you’ve trusted has betrayed you.

Before that, you have to know that God is the great Restorer. Praying to Him can turn your situation around, help you move forward, and achieve peace.

Know that light is around the corner and your faith will help you get through this challenging time.

Let’s pray.

1) Prayer for suspected cheating boyfriend

One of the worst feelings in the world is to have that sneaking suspicion that you’ve been cheated on. Knowing that the affair is still going on may even be worse.

But before you smash his phone, break up with him, or kick him out of the house, take a moment to reflect.

You may need to pray for guidance and strength to figure out whether your hunches are valid.

“Loving Father,

I need Your guidance and presence. My boyfriend might be having an affair.

Please advise me on how to approach him about this. Please assist me in keeping my emotions in check so that I don’t accuse or become overly emotional. If I’m right, I hope he will honestly tell the truth and not lie to me.

I hope he doesn’t get defensive or furious, and may we discuss this sensibly. Please lead me in this conversation and in how to handle the truth.


2) Prayer to help him confess his infidelity

Knowing the harsh truth that your boyfriend is cheating on you is difficult and almost unbearable.

You may or may not want to speak, ask questions, or find out the reasons why he did it.

Turning to prayer for this will help him to open up so that you can have a honest conversation.

“Dear God,

My partner is not faithful to me and to our relationship, and I ask that you, O Lord, grant me the courage to endure this misery.

I ask for your unwavering guidance and support to assist me at this stage of my life and to comfort my broken heart.

God, please have mercy on my boyfriend and help us get through this.

I ask that you help him confess all of his sins and lead him to do so. I am aware that my only option is to sincerely pray to you for help.

Lord, show me the way so that I can handle this and deal with my broken heart.


“Dear God,

I ask that you help my boyfriend realize his mistake and return to me.

I fervently hope that he will realize how much it bothers me when he sneaks up behind me and that he will be able to sense the suffering in my eyes each time I turn to face him.

Come help him in understanding that I am flawed and make mistakes too.

But please remind him that no matter what happens between us, I will always love him with all of my heart and that I am always there for him when he needs me.

If he comes back, please grant me the fortitude to forgive him.

Please help us to work together to overcome this tragedy so that we can go on with our lives and perhaps soon find happiness once more.


3) Prayer that God will direct his ways

When your heart has been shattered into million pieces, and your world feels unraveled, it is still best to pray.

Rather than wasting your time blaming your boyfriend, questioning what’s wrong with you, or trying to be revengeful, seek guidance from God.

It’s hard, but you can pray for your boyfriend’s heart, mind, and thoughts.

“Father God, I beseech you to shelter his mind against evil doings.

Give him a pure heart, may he loathe sin, and may he seek to live a virtuous life pleasing to you. I hope that you may instill godly dread in his heart as well as the heart of the other woman.

Fill his thoughts with good and godly thoughts. Remind him of the love and relationship we share.

I take his thoughts captive and submit them to the obedience of Christ. I ask that you eradicate every thought that is contrary to your will.

Father, may you direct his steps so that he no longer engages in sin and walk in wickedness.


4) Prayer for his declaration of sins

When you love your boyfriend so much, you want him to acknowledge the unfaithfulness he has done.

If you are praying for him, ask God so you can get him to tell the truth.

You believe that this battle can be best fought through prayers.

Know that prayer can change everything and God has the power to change the heart of a man.

“Lord God,

I beseech You to make my unfaithful boyfriend accept responsibility for his actions and be moved by this to repent of them.

I believe You have the power to make even a non-believer accept responsibility for his faults and deeds. I ask that you lead him to repent of his immorality and put an end to his affair.

I can do nothing but pray that You would be able to convince my boyfriend to end his unfaithful connection, confess his faults, and repent.

I ask that you help him confess his mistake so we can mend our relationship.


“Lord God,

I sincerely hope you can encourage my husband to admit his faults and confess his sins.

I can only ask You to grant him repentance for his transgressions. I ask that you guide me as I try to mend both our relationship and my damaged heart.

May your light help him confess his sins so we can mend and rebuild our relationship.

I pray that you can get him to end his unfaithful actions so that we can rebuild our relationship together.


5) Prayers to seek forgiveness

When the people closest to us sin, it hurts us too. This is the reason why we need Jesus so much.

Pray for your boyfriend when he becomes unfaithful and gets stuck in sin for lying to you. Seek God’s help so that the consequences of his sin will become clear to him and that he may recognize the kindness of God.

Know that for God, there is no sin too big for Him to forgive and no sinner too far for God to take them back.

“Dear God, all power comes from you.

May you grant me the fortitude to overlook my husband’s faults and give our relationship a chance to prosper.

Help my boyfriend overcome his mistakes, confess them, and turn away from them so we can continue our fellowship together and praise you for your direction.

I ask that you pardon my spouse and cleanse him of his sins so we can start our lives together with a happy heart.


“Dear God,

Forgive my partner for being unfaithful.

Please help me to forgive him and excuse me for being so gullible. Please give us the strength we need to overcome this ordeal and move on.

We beg you to lead us in your ways and to keep us from falling prey to temptation in the future.

For our relationship to be strengthened and restored for years to come, we present ourselves as your vessels of grace and mercy.

I ask that you shine your guidance and light upon us.


6) Prayer for guidance and protection

When your boyfriend cheated on you and experiences guilt, this is a sign that he understands the implications of his actions.

He may be feeling lost, confused, awful, and even remorseful. He could also be finding a way to make things right.

And the best you can do is say a prayer for him.

“Father God,

You know why I’m pouring out my heart to You today,

I come to You on behalf of my boyfriend, and I lift up our relationship to You. You see what (insert boyfriend’s name) is doing, Father.

I humbly request that you safeguard him. May you protect him so that he won’t sexually see other women as it leads him to sin.

Please save my boyfriend as Your Holy Spirit convicts him of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

Bring him closer to you for I know that He deserves all of Your goodness.


7) Prayers for repentance

Invite God to help you and your boyfriend move from the mistakes and commit to something stronger.

These prayers for repentance of infidelity ask God to make your relationship better than before.

“God of all grace,

I ask that Your Holy Spirit work in my boyfriend’s heart, convicting him of his unfaithfulness.

I pray that he will repent of this sin against me, and his own body.

May he confess and seek forgiveness for his wrongdoing before You and me. May he be drawn away from this woman and toward You.

I pray to You, God, to help me heal my soul and restore my relationship with my partner during this difficult time.


“Our dearest Lord,

I come to you in prayer, asking that you encourage my partner to repent of his wrongdoings.

I am aware that only you can assist me in dealing with this situation and that you are The One who can put an end to all of his adulterous deeds.

My Lord, you have all-powerful control over us, and all I can do is beg you to help us. Guide my husband to confess his sins and receive repentance.

End all of his adulterous affairs, mend our hearts, and reunite us for the rest of our lives. I only ask that you enlighten us through this difficult period in our lives.

Only You, Father God, can help me and restore my life.


8) Prayers for love after cheating

While it’s not easy, relationships can be restored and healed after an affair.

This will work if both partners are willing to work through their pains to get healing on the other side.

And the best thing to do is to ask God to strengthen your communication with each other, heal your heart, and repair the broken trust.

Believe that the Lord will help you move forward in the positive direction together.

“Father, you are the restorer of all things and you make love possible.

May you rebuild our relationship and make it better and perfect than before. I pray that you may rekindle our love for each other.

Thank you God for hearing and answering your prayers.

Father, you have said that if we ask anything according to your will, you will grant it, and if we believe we have received it, we will have it. I have faith that you have heard and answered my prayers, and I thank you for healing and restoring the relationship I have with the person I love most.


“Dear Father,

All glory to you. I come before you as a humble servant to ask for your assistance.

I beseech you to renew my boyfriend’s love for me. Fill his heart with peace, joy, and happiness.

Lord, forgive me for any shortcomings that may have led to my boyfriend’s misguided behavior.

Lead him down the path that leads to us. Help him recognize, repent, and make amends for what he did wrong.

I pray that you bring us closer together and grant us wisdom and the ability to love each other as we used to. I pray that you will ease our pain and restore love in our lives.


9) Prayer for reconciliation

After an affair, know that it’s still possible to get back together and mend your relationship.

While it is a difficult journey, praying for reconciliation helps you move past the anger and pain that cheating brings.

Take the first step by saying a prayer.

“God our Father,

we come before you and bring this situation into your hands.

May I ask that you revive our relationship and renew our passion and love for each other.

Let your light guide us as we untangle those conflicts and heal the strife caused by unfaithfulness.

May your wisdom bring us understanding and tenderness of heart. May we both embrace the miracle that you desire for us.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

“Heavenly Father, save from the bottomless pit that awaits anyone who rejects You for eternity. Right now, I feel abandoned since my boyfriend is having an affair with a woman, and this hurts like a knife to my heart.

Oh Father, please assist me at this extremely trying period and allow me to stay in this relationship in the hopes that we will both eventually find peace.

I beg you, Father, please help my boyfriend repent of their wrongdoing with the strong desire that we can reconcile.

Help us mend this relationship, and give You all the glory for saving us.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I pray,


10) Prayer for the spiritual welfare of boyfriend

Infidelity can severely strain every relationship. And this is one of the most painful ways lovers can hurt each other.

The range of emotions you’re feeling right now can make you do things that you don’t normally do.

But since you care so much about your boyfriend and he remains important to you, you still consider his well-being.

This is understandable. The truth is, love doesn’t end because of betrayal.

“Dear Lord, help me in this struggle and win it for me.

Take back my boyfriend from these enemies of desire, infidelity, selfishness, and betrayal. May he overcome these temptations by seeking Your righteousness.

I offer prayer in defiance to the cosmic forces of this current darkness that have been at war with my relationship.

I come against these strongholds and demand deliverance in the powerful name of Jesus.


11) Prayer to win boyfriend from another woman

It’s hard to figure out how to stop another woman from stealing your boyfriend.

You may be consumed with thoughts of confronting the other woman, taking revenge, or getting even.

But instead of dealing with the situation impulsively, it’s better to keep your dignity intact and allow God to help you win your boyfriend back.

“God Almighty,

I pray that my boyfriend’s affair will end. May he realize that his attraction towards the other woman was born out of lust.

Help him understand that she will never be able to provide him with the same level of support, care, and genuine love that I do.

Help him to see me with fresh eyes, to recognize my inner qualities, and to desire to be with me again.


“God Most High, please intervene in my relationship and remove this other woman from my boyfriend’s life.

I beseech You to change the course of events so that he may see things clearly.

May he favor me to her, and may she forgo her pursuit of him. May he no longer get involved with her or any other woman.

May he always be true to me and You, and may our relationship be restored according to your will.


12) Prayer for wisdom on what to do next

It’s uncommon for a relationship to survive instances of infidelity. Some couples who experienced unfaithfulness were able to work it out.

But remember that forgiveness doesn’t happen in an instant. And of course, there are several actions you can take together to help repair your relationship.

The important thing is to seek God’s wisdom as to whether or not to give your relationship another chance.

“Lord of comfort,

Thank you for being with me during every difficult step of this road.

May I ask that you bestow your wisdom upon me. Should we get back together after my boyfriend had an affair? You know how emotionally wounded I had been, but I still love him with all my heart.

I want to know whether there is a chance for reconciliation. Please send your light so I may discern whether I should stay or go.


13) Healing after infidelity

After your boyfriend had an affair, forgiving and healing the relationship from infidelity can be tough.

You can heal from this affair together or on your own.

And what’s important is the commitment to protect the relationship above all else, and let go of the infidelity.

Forgive and let go of the feelings you felt before the affair, during, and afterward. Pray that you can learn how to truly trust again.

“Dear Lord,

You know all the painful thoughts and feelings I am experiencing due to being cheated on by my boyfriend.

I still can’t believe it happened to me. It hurts so much to have this done to me by someone I thought I could trust.

After what I’ve been through, I need divine intervention to find peace.

Please grant me that peace so that I can consider the betrayal from your point of view and control my emotions rather than allowing them to control me.


“Dear Lord,

Please heal my shattered heart and put the pieces back together.

Bless me with Your divine healing for my wounded emotions and spirit.

Lord, heal me, my boyfriend, and my relationship. Please assist me in forgiving my partner for breaking his promise of love and faithfulness.

May he be sincere in his repentance and resolve to be faithful.

Assist us in rebuilding from the ashes. May our rekindled bond be stronger and more loving than before.


14) Prayer after getting back

Never let an affair define your relationship.

Rather than throwing away the broken pieces, use it to rebuild the relationship with greater strength, knowledge, and wisdom – and one that has more enduring honesty and love.

The thing is, some couples experience a better relationship after infidelity as they have committed to being more faithful and loyal.

So if God has given you and your boyfriend another chance at love, it’s important to have a stronger relationship with Him.

“Thank You, Father God, for taking away my boyfriend’s unfaithfulness.

I hope that after this experience we can both find joy and serenity together.

Thank you Lord God for listening to me, loving me, and looking after me. Thank you for mending and rebuilding our relationship in the name of Jesus through Your Word and Your breath, which is currently infusing Your Spirit into my husband.

We are grateful to You for saving our love and bringing him back to You. I give You all the praises, glory, and honor.

In the name of Jesus,


15) Prayer for a good boyfriend

No matter what happened, praying for your boyfriend after his infidelity shows how much you care.

Ask God to bless him with guidance, protection, strength, and all things you desire most for him.

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. Taking a few minutes each day to send blessings and good thoughts his way can make a big difference in your healing and relationship.

Saying a prayer for your boyfriend delivers assistance from above. Place peace in his heart so he knows that you care, and do everything you can to help.

“I thank You, Father, in the name of Jesus, for saving our relationship.

Allow my boyfriend and I to completely forgive one another. Deliver us from any misguided, unholy deeds. Send your Holy Spirit upon us to guide us along this road to healing.

I bind off any words or talks that are not from You. Lord, please assist us to have the conversations You want us to have at the right time.

Help us talk in godly and holy dialogues, as well as speaking words of love and forgiveness.


“My Redeemer,

I will never be able to express my gratitude to you enough for saving me from the pit of despair and granting me a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend.

Father, guide us away from evil. I ask that your serenity fill our lives. Also, please assist us to love one another and not focus on each other’s flaws.

Lord, kindly rekindle the flame of our relationship. Bring us back to the moment when we truly loved one another without conditions, and lead us back to the straight path we strayed from.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Heal your relationship after an affair

Use these simple prayers for your boyfriend as a starting point – and as a reminder to always say a prayer for the person you love.

Praying for someone you love dearly is one of the most selfless and amazing things you can do.

Rather than focusing on the trials in your relationship, you choose to spend your time and energy healing and forgiving.

For when you pray for someone, you’re giving that person to God.

It is through communicating with God that you can find answers that your mind, body, and soul desperately need.

It’s difficult to deal with a cheating partner as it takes away your happiness. In most instances, you may be tempted to fight back or worry about your boyfriend’s infidelity.

But it’s not the solution.

And that’s the reason why we all need to pray to God.

Place your undying trust in God’s hands, and have confidence that He’ll heal your pain.

Here’s the thing,

When your boyfriend has an affair, it’s not a rejection of you – but a rejection of your boyfriend’s role in the relationship.

Don’t take it personally because it’s not about you as a person. God knows your situation and hears your pleas.

The truth is, you haven’t had to go through all this alone. In this tough time, reach out to people in your life and lean on your faith in God.

Prayers will direct you on the right path to salvation.

Remember this,

God leads the way, always.

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