165 crown chakra affirmations for spiritual awakening (complete list)

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara, is the energy center located at the top of the head. It’s connected to your spirituality, which makes it the key to spiritual enlightenment.

So if you’re trying to work towards that, then it’s essential that you include any (or several) of these 165 crown chakra affirmations in your daily life:

1) I am a spiritual being.

2) I am my spiritual truth.

3) I am a divine being.

4) I am a sacred being.

5) I am a cosmic being.

6) I am an expanded being.

7) I am a child of the divine.

8) I am part of the divine.

9) I move towards spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

10) I feel more connected to my spirit.

11) I connect with the spirit easily.

12) My soul connection is strong and unshakeable.

13) My spirit is eternal.

14) My soul is blessed.

15) I am in tune with the higher power.

16) I am guided by a higher power.

17) My life’s journey is a spiritual one.

18) I am fully supported in my spiritual journey.

19) The divine will constantly protect me.

20) I have clear and powerful spiritual insight.

21) I seek the highest truth.

22) I have strong faith.

23) I honor all religions and faiths.

24) I am connected to the divine source of the universe.

25) I am the extension of the universe.

26) The universe’s energy flows within me.

27) The universe is kind and loving.

28) My crown chakra is open and balanced.

29) My crown chakra is unobstructed.

30) I am healing the imbalance in my crown chakra.

31) I listen to the needs of my crown chakra.

32) My mind is filled with cosmic knowledge.

33) I am the source of energy for my body.

34) There is a sacred space inside of me.

35) The spiritual truth is undeniable.

36) My soul is always guiding me.

37) It is safe to get divine guidance.

38) I am connected with the universe’s wisdom.

39) I trust the universe.

40) I am loved by the universe.

41) I am cherished by the universe.

42) I listen to the universe’s wisdom.

43) The universe is giving me what I need.

44) I accept divine love.

45) I receive divine love.

46) I am open to receiving new energy.

47) I am ready to receive infinite wisdom.

48) I enjoy unlimited possibilities.

49) I am letting go and allowing the universe to unravel its plans for me.

50) I surrender to the higher power.

51) I surrender to the will of the universe.

52) I am here to make a difference.

53) I embrace life.

54) I cherish my spirit.

55) I protect my spirit.

56) I release doubt and welcome faith.

57) I am more than my ego-self.

58) I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.

59) My soul’s purpose is being fulfilled.

60) I understand my life’s purpose.

61) I become more enlightened every day.

62) The universe is loving and kind.

63) I am worthy of divine energy.

64) I honor the divine within myself.

65) I honor my body.

66) My body is a temple for the divine.

67) The world is my teacher.

68) I am guided by the universe.

69) My highest self guides my actions.

70) I am protected by the universe.

71) I am loved by the universe.

72) I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.

73) I have deep inner peace.

74) Eternal peace flows through me.

75) I live in the present.

76) All my power is in the now.

77) I am where I need to be.

78) My life is a gift.

79) My life is beautiful.

80) My life is sacred.

81) I am thankful for everything.

82) I am clear about what I want.

83) I am open to knowing myself more.

84) I can do whatever I want.

85) I trust my intuition.

86) I am on the right path.

87) I am free to let my light shine.

88) I release the need to control my life.

89) I am letting go of my attachments.

90) My happiness comes from within.

91) I enjoy the little things.

92) I always learn from my experiences.

93) Even when the world is dark, I walk forward with light.

94) I am open to new opportunities.

95) I’ll do everything to achieve my dreams.

96) I know everything will work out.

97) The information that I need comes easily.

98) Everything I need is within me.

99) I know.

100) I am oneness.

101) I am love.

102) I am light and I will shine.

103) I am pure.

104) I am joyful.

105) I am optimistic.

106) I am confident.

107) I am authentic.

108) I am beautiful.

109) I am whole and complete.

110) I am radiant.

111) I am selfless.

112) I am significant.

113) I feel at ease.

114) I am fully aware.

115) I possess inner wisdom.

116) Grace smiles at me.

117) My life is blissful.

118) My love moves with grace.

119) I have a limitless source of abundance.

120) I have a limitless source of happiness.

121) I have a limitless source of creativity.

122) I am worthy of unconditional love.

123) I know what I want.

124) I accept myself.

125) I am in control of my emotions.

126) I am healthy.

127) I am healed.

128) I am releasing all my trauma.

129) I purify my being.

130) I am always safe.

131) I am a vessel for universal love.

132) Prosperity flows within me.

133) Bliss is my birthright.

134) The power of love flows through me.

135) I am transforming my life.

136) I have a wonderful life.

137) I live a purposeful life.

138) I am connected to all life.

139) I continue to grow and expand.

140) I am all that I seek.

141) I am sure of my worth.

142) I am on the leading edge of creation.

143) I am in harmony with nature.

144) I am more than just my physical body.

145) I know that everyone is on a different level of spirituality.

146) I respect others’ intentions.

147) I honor all others.

148) The well-being of everybody is important to me.

149) I release my limiting thoughts and beliefs.

150) I cease to limit my intellect and creativity.

151) I embrace the beauty of this world.

152) I journey from darkness to light.

153) I am experiencing unity.

154) I let go of the relationships that no longer suit me.

155) I accept the world as it is.

156) I am perfect – just like the way God made me.

157) Life brings me many wonders.

158) Today will bring me enthusiasm.

159) Inspiration is all around me.

160) I seek experiences that nourish my spirit.

161) Thank you for my life.

162) Thank you for all the blessings.

163) Everything happens for a reason.

164) Death is nothing to be afraid of.

165) All is well.

Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon, RN (PH & US), MPM I'm Raye, a nurse licensed in both the Philippines and the US. I also have a Master's degree in Public Management. Just like helping my patients, I like to empower & motivate readers with research-backed articles.

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