11 ways you can feel someone thinking about you (mind + physical signs)

Can you really feel someone thinking about you?

Yes, you can!

Who knows, maybe you already feel it, but you’re unaware.

Is that possible?

Since there are numerous signs that you can feel someone thinking about you, it’s not impossible.

Want to make sure?

Here are 11 ways you can feel someone thinking about you with your mind and with your body:

1) You feel it in your gut

Your gut feeling may be an indicator of someone thinking about you.

When asked “Does the other person feel it when I think about him/her?” on Quora, Kimberly McGeorge, a naturopath, paranormal,  and remote viewer, answered the following:

“We are absolutely all intuitive energetic light beings. Of course, they do. You are sending an energy signal (thought) and they are a radio receiver and they receive your signal (thought).”

In your case, she is basically saying that you will feel someone thinking about you because they are sending a sort of signal due to the energy they put into their thought.

And when you pick up on that signal, your mind and body will react.

But is everyone able to feel someone thinking about them?

“Some people are easily distracted or need to detox to receive these, but some people are more sensitive,” she adds.

This means that some people are less sensitive to picking up on the energy signals of another person.

However, if you learn to listen to what your gut feeling is telling you, you will learn more about yourself and your ability to feel someone thinking about you.

2) You think about someone and feel different

Another way to feel it with your mind that someone is thinking about you is to pay attention to your random thoughts.

Susan Brunton, a spiritually gifted person and a master of many metaphysical techniques explains it:

“Sometimes when we suddenly think of someone, it is no more than that – thinking of someone. But other times, our minds are suddenly drawn to the thought of someone because they are thinking of us.”

On top of that, she notes that if the thought of that person also triggers an emotional response in you, it could be because that person is thinking about you and going through a rollercoaster of emotions.

If that happens to you, there could be another reason: you share a psychic connection with this person.

How so?

If you make an energy exchange with someone, you are practically connected by invisible energy cords.

Even if that person is not with you, you can feel them thinking about you because “energy cords activate when someone has a memory about a moment you shared in time,” adds Brunton.

In this regard, your bond with this person might be special.

3) You feel a presence next to you when you’re alone

“When someone is thinking about you telepathically, it’s often said that you can feel their presence,” says Sergios Rotar, a writer at Mental Style Project.

So, ask yourself this:

Have you ever felt that someone is right next to you but you were all alone?

If so, it could mean that someone was thinking about you at that time, which means that they were sending their energy signal to you and you were picking up on it – unknowingly, of course.

However, I realize how weird this may sound to you. That’s why I want to share my own experience with you.

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That was shocking, but you know what? It proved to be true. I received guidance on how to connect with him and they also told me what to expect from my relationship with him.

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4) You sneeze one, two, or three times in a row

Could something so common as sneezing be a physical sign that someone is thinking about you?


Abundance No Limits confirms this:

“When you sneeze out of the blue, it means someone is thinking of you or missing you. This belief has its roots in many Asian cultures. In fact, the thoughts trigger an uncontrollable itching of your nose, resulting in recurrent sneezing.”

So, one way your body could react to another person’s thoughts about you is by sneezing.

However, before you take this as a definite sign, make sure you rule out all the other factors that might cause sneezing.

According to Queensland Health, possible medical causes for sneezing are the following:

“Whether it’s an allergic reaction, a viral infection, a change in temperature, or a sudden bright light, your nose becomes agitated. When this happens, your body does what it needs to do to get rid of the pesky irritant – it causes you to sneeze, also known as sternutation.”

So, make sure the reason you sneeze is not medical before you jump to conclusions.

Also, this could be a good moment to start writing down any physical symptoms that aren’t related to a health problem. This way, you could be able to notice some patterns.

5) Your right or left eye twitches unexpectedly

According to superstition, when your right or left eye twitches, it’s a physical sign that another person is thinking about you.

“If you feel itching or twitching of an eye all of a sudden, it is a sign that you are in someone else’s thoughts. The thoughts can be both positive and negative. And, there is a way to identify them,” notes Abundance No Limits.

But how?

If you’re a man and your right eye twitches, it means you feel someone thinking about you positively. However, if your left eye twitches, it means you’re the target of someone’s negative thoughts.

In women, when their right eye twitches, it means they feel someone thinking of them negatively. But when their left eye twitches, it means just the opposite.

However, your eyes might twitch or itch because of medical reasons as well.

So, before you draw a conclusion, here are a few medical reasons for eye twitching, according to Amanda D Henderson, M.D., Chief of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Division and

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology:

“Dry eyes, stress, fatigue, eye strain, and certain medications can contribute to an episode. Eye twitching is temporary in most cases and goes away on its own.”

Make sure you rule out the reasons above before you take it as a sign that someone is thinking about you – positively or negatively.

6) You get goosebumps all over your body

The next way your body can react to another person’s thoughts about you is by feeling goosebumps.

“This is a sign that you are at the center of someone’s emotional and intensive thinking. Depending on how you feel, thoughts are either positive or negative,” notes We Mystic.

In other words, along with getting goosebumps, you might also have a good feeling or a bad feeling.

But how can someone’s thoughts affect you like that?

We Mystic has the answer:

“It means that that person has great psychic powers, for better or for worse.”

Why goosebumps, though?

The goosebumps or shivers are actually a way for your body to protect you from any kind of energetic shock or negative thoughts.

So, if you’re feeling goosebumps that means that another person’s energy signals are affecting you.

And, if the other person has positive thoughts about you, it can make you feel a good sensation in your body.

But if the thoughts are bad, the goosebumps can make you feel uncomfortable.

What about medical reasons?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, goosebumps “are an involuntary response to hormone surges caused by changes in temperature or emotion.”

Therefore, medically speaking, goosebumps often occur during cold weather, when you’re tired, and when you feel scared, so it can also be a sign of physical problems.

7) You have dreams about this person

The next way you can feel someone thinking about you with your mind is by having dreams about that person.

“Constant dreaming of them can cause a sort of “feedback loop. They are thinking about us, so we dream about them. And the reverse occurs when we are thinking about them, they dream about us. The cycle continues”, notes Brunton.

In other words, your dreams can also be a good way of discovering that someone is thinking about you. They can feel real, too.

Vivid dreams are often indicators of a psychic connection. And, sometimes, they can also be signs that someone is trying to contact you.

But how can you tell for sure?

It is only worth considering if you dream about them in specific circumstances, or if they are recurrent in a consistent pattern.

Other symbols present in your dream can be useful as well.

To decipher your dreams, keep a dream journal. Write in it every morning after you wake up.

Also, note down anything that comes to mind when you think about the dream. Any symbols, colors, and even smells might provide useful information.

Interpreting your dreams is definitely not easy, so to decipher them, you must analyze everything separately and as a whole.

8) You have a burning sensation in your ears or cheeks

Here’s another way you can feel someone thinking about you physically: with a burning sensation in your ears or cheeks.

We Mystic has a warning though:

“If your cheeks are turning red for no reason, it’s because someone is thinking about you. But if you feel your cheeks burning, it’s as if someone is slapping you in the distance and having aggressive thoughts about you.”

So, give this some thought. Maybe you’ve upset someone and now they’re angry with you. Maybe you’ve been gossiping about them and now they’re getting jealous.

On top of that, “feeling your ears burning is a sign that someone has a crush on you and you are receptive to their emotions,” adds We Mystic.

Wow, that’s good news!

Do you know who has a crush on you? Are you aware that you’re feeling it when they’re thinking about you?

Either way, the connection between you and this person’s energy is powerful. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary without a medical explanation.

What are the medical reasons for burning cheeks and ears?

According to Medical News Today, stress, sun exposure, hot or cold temperatures, specific foods or drinks, and certain medications could cause a burning sensation in your cheeks or ears.

9) You feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach

The next way you can physically feel someone thinking about you is by feeling butterflies in your stomach.

“Having butterflies might suggest that the person thinking about us is nervous, excited, or even feeling romantic feelings,” says Brunton.

What does this mean?

It means that not only do you feel someone thinking about you but also that this person might be in love with you.

Do you know who could that be? Do you have someone on your mind?

Who knows, maybe you have a secret admirer and you don’t know it yet. This feeling might be a sign of something more than just someone thinking about you.

You could be reading into their feelings about you.

What are the medical reasons for this feeling?

“The reduction in blood flow through the gut produces the oddly characteristic “butterflies” feeling in the pit of your stomach,” says Bradley Elliott.

In turn, this may be caused by nervousness.

So, when you get that feeling, it might not just be nervousness. It could be that someone is thinking of you.

10) Your mood changes without you knowing why

Can you feel someone thinking about you?

Yes, when your mood changes without you knowing why.

“Needless to say, this is a one-of-a-kind mood swing. It does not come from deep within you; rather, it is the result of an unexplainable outside force”, adds Rotar.

For example, you might be at work, going through your daily tasks, and feeling quite tense. The next thing you know, you feel relaxed and happy.

It’s not as if you get a message from someone, but you feel it from the inside. And this can be an indicator that someone is thinking of you. You might be able to feel someone’s thoughts about you.

To be more precise, when someone thinks positive and hopeful thoughts about you, your body is more likely to react according to how they feel. The same applies to negative thoughts.

What are the medical reasons for mood swings?

Mood swings can be caused by various things, including hormones, aging, medications, and certain mental disorders like bipolar disorder.

11) You are dealing with annoying hiccups

Can you feel someone thinking about you?

Yes, when you get the hiccups and they’re not caused by a medical problem.

Here’s what Abundance No Limits says about this sign:

“However, random hiccups are considered psychic signs that someone is remembering you or talking about you. Unfortunately, hiccups are an indication that someone is having negative thoughts about you or bad-mouthing you.”

Simply put, the hiccups may indicate someone thinking about you or talking about you. They might say negative things about you.

What are the medical reasons for hiccups?

The Mayo Clinic notes they can happen as a result of:

  • A hair or something else in your ear touching your eardrum
  • A tumor, cyst, or goiter in your neck
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Sore throat or laryngitis

So, if you find yourself getting hiccups, it might not be the result of a medical problem. However, make sure this is something you experience repeatedly before taking it as a sign.


Can you feel someone thinking about you? Absolutely!

There are numerous ways you can feel it with your mind and your body.

You might get goosebumps without any medical reason. Or your ears could burn or turn red without knowing why. You might feel butterflies in your stomach or experience sudden mood swings.

Or you could just get the hiccups.

All of these indicate someone thinking about you.

They might be thinking bad things about you, telling other people what they’re thinking, or just remembering something about you.

Or, someone could be in love with you and thinking about you. They might fantasize about being in a relationship with you.

So, to know for sure, pay attention to what happens in your mind and with your body.

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