50 top affirmations for shifting your reality (+ how to use them)

Are you at a point in life when you feel stuck and unhappy?

Or do you just generally wish things in your life would be different?

Shifting your reality can seem impossible. But, I’m here to tell you the opposite:

You can shift your reality, and in this article, I’ll show you how.

I’ll share 50 powerful affirmations that will help you do just that.

What’s more, I’ll tell you how you can use these affirmations to start shifting your reality in no time.

Let’s get started!

50 top affirmations for shifting your reality

Before we begin, I want you to know these essential things about affirmations and using them:

  • An affirmation is a statement of what you want.
  • Any affirmation works better when it’s specific.
  • Any affirmation must be said as if it has already happened.
  • Unless you believe in what you affirm, it will NOT work.
  • Affirmations are like seeds, the more you plant, the better your chance of success!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into our list of powerful affirmations for shifting your reality!

10 general affirmations for shifting your reality

  1. My desired reality is within my control.
  2. I am attracting the life of my dreams.
  3. Everything is working as it should.
  4. I am the master of my reality.
  5. I am on the right path to my desired reality.
  6. I am confident my desires are already manifesting.
  7. All is well in my world and going according to plan.
  8. I harmonize with my desires.
  9. I am attracting all that is good to me.
  10. I deserve to live the life I want.

These can be used to affirm that you have the power to create or to affirm that you’re on the right path to creating your desired reality.

Now, let’s get specific. Here are some more affirmations that you can use to shift your reality around several specific subjects…

10 affirmations for shifting your financial reality

  1. Money is constantly flowing back to me.
  2. I am wealthy in all ways, especially financially.
  3. I am abundant in ideas and opportunities to make money.
  4. I effortlessly attract wealth into my life.
  5. Money comes easily to me through work.
  6. I own a successful business.
  7. I am a magnet for wealth.
  8. I am wealthier every day.
  9. I have the financial freedom to do what I choose.
  10. My finances are always in balance.

15 affirmations for shifting the reality of your relationships

  1. I am attracting the best relationships in all areas of life.
  2. I attract people who are compatible with me.
  3. I attract people who are strong, reliable, and kind.
  4. I attract people who are impeccable in every way.
  5. I attract partners who inspire me and challenge me to grow as a person.
  6. I attract people who are always there for me when I need them.
  7. I am attuned to my partner’s needs and communicate honestly with him or her.
  8. I am surrounded by loving, supportive, and kind people.
  9. I am a magnet for the best friends on earth.
  10. I enjoy rewarding, loving, and life-changing relationships in all areas of life.

Now, you can always add personal details, depending on what you’d like to change, such as:

  1. I am attracting an honest partner with the best intentions.
  2. He/she is part of my life now.
  3. I have the best relationship with my parents.
  4. I’m a desirable man/woman and attract others like a magnet.
  5. I attract partners with similar relationship views.

15 affirmations for shifting your reality at work

  1. I am appreciated by my boss and coworkers for my skills and talents.
  2. New opportunities are constantly presenting themselves which are perfect for me professionally.
  3. I am an important part of the team and successful at my job.
  4. I am treated fairly in all areas of work.
  5. I am motivated by the vision of success.
  6. I unwaveringly stay on track towards my professional goals.
  7. I enjoy great professional relationships with colleagues and clients.
  8. I am an essential part of my work team.
  9. I am passionate about my work and love doing it every day.
  10. My work is a perfect match for who I am as a person, right now at this moment in time.

Or, if you’d like to change your profession and do something else entirely, you could say:

  1. I am the best at… and everyone is interested in my services.
  2. My music/art is at the center of attention and highly appreciated.
  3. Everyone is impressed by my skills and needs my expertise.
  4. I am a leader in my field and do what’s right to succeed.
  5. My skills are in high demand.

As you can see, these affirmations are short and sweet, and they refer to a wide variety of situations.

BONUS affirmations to shift your reality

Depending on how you’d like to shift your reality, you can write them yourself.

For example, if you’d like to become a person who is not suffering from anxiety in your new reality, you could say:

  • I have no reason to worry.
  • I live a life without fear.

Or, if you’d like to become more confident in the new world you’re creating for yourself you could affirm this:

  • I am uniquely attractive.
  • I emanate confidence wherever I go.

The point here is to be as specific as possible and to imagine how it would feel if you already had what you wanted.

But now, let’s talk about how to use these affirmations in your daily life.

How to use affirmations for shifting your reality?

So, should you simply say these affirmations whenever you have a few free minutes, or should you “drown” yourself in them to reprogram your brain?

Well, a little bit of both.

You can repeat these affirmations in your head while you’re on the subway, while you’re waiting in line at the bank, while you’re doing dishes, or taking a shower.

Or, you can carve out 10-20 minutes every day for saying these affirmations aloud and imagining how it would feel if your desired reality was already here.

The more you focus on them, the better results you’ll see.

Here’s how to use them effectively:

1) Make a habit out of saying these affirmations

Affirmations work best when you repeat them regularly.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t use them just once or twice to see some positive results, but if you want to create permanent shifts in your life, then it’s best to make a habit of repeating these affirmations on a daily basis.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s what researchers have found, according to an article published on Third Space:

“If you repeat phrases to convince your brain that you’ll get the job or achieve that target healthy weight, then your brain starts to subconsciously search for signs that will make this true.”

In other words, if you repeat positive affirmations enough times, then your brain will start to look for signs that they’re true.

2) Acknowledge that it takes time to shift your reality

Just so you’re aware, it could take weeks or even months before you see some noticeable changes in your life.

This depends on how big or small your desired changes are.

According to this study, this happens because your brain needs time to tune into what you’re saying.

If you want to be successful in using positive affirmations for shifting your reality, then you need to be patient and understand that it takes time for the brain to change its programming.

Or, if you also believe in putting your energy out there into the universe and using the law of attraction as I do, then you know that this is just the way things work.

You can’t expect to shift your reality overnight, so be patient and have faith.

3) Don’t obsess about your results too much

The thing about affirmations is that they can be very powerful, but you also need to remember that they’re not a magic pill that’s going to change everything for you in an instant.

If you really want to know how to use them in the most effective way possible, then stay mindful of how your reality is shifting so that you don’t get disappointed if you don’t feel you’re seeing massive results after a few days.

For example, the thing that I love about affirmations is that even if they’re not shifting your reality to exactly what you want it to be right now, they can still give you something.

It could be that you’re more confident in your new reality, or maybe the people you meet are showing you more respect than before, so you feel more valued and accepted.

4) Acknowledge that this is a never-ending process

See, I know that there are some people out there who think that if they use affirmations to change their reality, then they’ll be living with it forever.

However, this is absolutely not the case!

Affirmations can help you change your reality, but to maintain the results and stay on the right path, you need to keep repeating them over and over again.

You might notice that after a few months, you’re not as excited about these affirmations as you were in the beginning, and there are two things that can happen here:

  • You stop saying them altogether, which means your brain will go back to its old programming.
  • You keep repeating them with passion, which means your brain will continue to tune into this new reality that you’re creating for yourself.

5) Mix the ways you’re using the affirmations

To properly use affirmations for shifting your reality, you need to be aware of how you’re using them.

For example, you could say them out loud while looking in the mirror 2 times per day. Or, you could write them in a journal every day.

You could say your affirmations in the morning, and imagine how it would feel if they were already true by the afternoon. Or, you could find another time that works best for you.

The point is that you don’t want to get stuck with just one way of using these affirmations, but instead you want to mix up different types of affirmation methods and find what works best for you.

Can you shift your reality just by saying affirmations?

There’s a big debate on whether you can change your reality solely by saying affirmations, or whether you need to take action as well.

Well, the truth is that it’s possible to use affirmations for shifting your reality even if you don’t have any other action plan in place, as long as you know how to do so effectively.

Even though it might seem tiring, the secret is that repeating these affirmations regularly and imagining what it would feel like to already have everything you’ve wanted, it’s actually going to work wonders on your subconscious mind.

But, here’s the thing.

The more you use affirmations as well as take action, the better your results will be!

In this regard, you can pair affirmations for shifting your reality with various shifting methods.

What is the best shifting method for beginners?

Just as Lyndol Lyons, writer for Ideapod says, “there are tons of methods for shifting to your desired reality and some are easier than others.”

So, to begin with, she suggests a few methods that you can use in combination with your affirmations for shifting your reality:

The Raven method

The Raven method is done like this:

Lie down on your back with your arms and legs spread out.

Next, try to relax your body and mind.

As soon as you’re relaxed enough, start counting to 100 while repeating the affirmations you want to focus most on.

According to Nato Lagidze, writer for Nomadrs, combining these two methods ensures your success:

“The key to using this method is to combine it with the technique of manifestation. This means that you can only use this method if you’re ready to make positive affirmations.

“And guess what? These two methods together are one of the most powerful ways to switch your reality and gain your desired reality.”

The pillow method

The next method for shifting that you can use together with your affirmations for shifting is the pillow method.

To apply it, you’ll need a piece of paper, a pen, and a good night’s sleep.

What you need to do is to write down a set of powerful shifting affirmations on a piece of paper, and then place it under your pillow.

The purpose of this is to help you drift into your sleep with positive thoughts on your mind, which will allow the affirmations to work even better.

That way, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be hit by a wave of positive emotions that will make it easier for you to get back into this positive mindset.

The Julia method

The Julia method is one of the easiest shifting methods that you can use together with affirmations for shifting.

The theory behind it is that by using certain signals and triggers – such as binaural beats, you’ll be able to tap into the right program in your subconscious mind.

What are binaural beats? you might ask.

Well, this is a technology that uses two different tones, which are played through stereo headphones, and when you listen to them, your brain perceives a third tone.

The ultimate goal of these binaural frequencies is to have your brain tune into one frequency or another, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, according to WebMD, if you want to access your subconscious mind, then you should listen to delta binaural beats.

If you’re looking to achieve a state of deep relaxation, then you should listen to theta binaural beats.

Alpha binaural beats, on the other hand, help you reduce stress, maintain your positive thinking, and increase your learning capabilities.

As for the beta binaural beats, they keep your attention focused, help with analytical thinking, and enhance the process of solving problems.

Last, gamma binaural sounds are recommended for you if you want to change the way you’re thinking.

So, depending on what you want to achieve with your shifting affirmations, you should choose the best binaural sounds to meditate on.


To shift your reality, you can use some of the affirmations above or you can write your own. Remember to be as specific as possible in your affirmations.

And, if you truly want them to work, don’t hesitate to pair them with other methods for shifting your reality.

For best results, spend time every day repeating these affirmations and combining them with shifting methods that suit you best.

Don’t stop believing in the reality you want to live in and you’ll soon start to notice the changes in your life.

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