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Teens/Young Adults Page
Connecting With The Creative/Spiritual Potential

Teens/Young Adult Message Boards Metaphysical/Spiritual Discussion Boards

Creative Topics

Young Composers
For The Musically Inclined

art in my world
Communicating Ideas Through Art

Poetry, Poesy, Lyricism

The Art of StoryTelling
Hints and Techniques of Storytelling

blue diamond dance
Ballet Dance

Native American Dance
Learn To Dance Native American Style

Careers in Technical Theatre
So you want to work backstage?
Spiritual Topics

Christian Mysticism
Meister Eckhart

The Gnostic Gospels
Secret Gospels of Jesus

New Age Spirituality
Alternative Spiritual Beliefs

Non-Dogmatic Spirituality

Earth-based Nature Centered Religion

Mysticism in World Religions
Mystical Judiaism, Islam
Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism

Native American Spirituality
Harmonoeus Living With Nature

Earth Matters

Global Network
Spotlight on the Environment

Our Endangered Earth
Our Endangered Animals

Global Warming
Fact or Fiction

Our World's Forests
Protecting Our Natural Resources