What Is A Dream Motif?

Webster's describes a motif as a main element, idea or feature of art, literature and music {the Muse}. In dreams the motif is the main theme, with the possibility of one or more motifs within it. The symbols point to the motif(s), which describe the events, emotions, activities of the dreamer's psychological condition. Motif(s) are the main theme(s) contained within the dream.

In mythology a motif is the central plot of the story. For instance, "Hansel and Gretel" is a story of poverty, survival and hard times (all are motifs). The stepmother convinces the father that they must abandon the children in a deep dark forest or the family will starve to death. A bird leads the children to the edible house of a witch, who intends to fatten them up and eat them. Gretel pushes the witch in the oven, and the children fill their pockets with food and treasure. The stepmother dies of starvation, and the children return home and save their emaciated father. If interpreted psychologically, the father could represent that part of a person who is in charge, but feels weak and ineffective. The stepmother might symbolize the negative part of the self that doesn't act in your best interests. And the children may stand for the creative, playful part of a person. Like the parents in the story, people pressured for resources, time or energy, may make drastic decisions. If they decide to focus strictly on goals and abandon the children, the vitality of life drains away. At first, Hansel is the stronger of the two children with simple straight-forward ideas, like leaving a trail so they can find their way back home, said Young. Gradually Gretel's more complicated, intuitive leadership takes charge. The story is suggesting that we need to made that shift. This is the primary motif of the myth.

In the dream, the story would be in line with the story of the myth but would use symbols that identify you the dreamer instead of Hansel and Gretel in which the myth refers to. But take into account the myth. It could possibly hold insights into your own personal life, and its outcome come very possibly be the outcome in your story's plot, the myth being a description of your life. This is one reason why knowledge of mythology is so important in understanding dreams. Understanding the metaphorical references of symbols are essential in understanding the plot of the myth as well as the dream.

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