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Webster's describes a motif as a main element, idea or feature of art, literature and music {the Muse}. In dreams the motif is the main theme, with the possibility of one or more motifs within it. The symbols point to the motif(s), which describe the events, emotions, activities of the dreamer's psychological condition. Motif(s) are the main theme(s) contained within the dream.... read more

Common Dream Motifs

Motif Possible Meaning(s)
House on Fire

on Fire
House represents the dreamer. Fire represents passion, anger, greed, purification, or can represent an actual body aliment in the form of a fever. Dreaming of a loved one's house on fire has more to do with the relationship to that person, or to oneself, than a literal interpretation or prediction.... read more

The Grim Reaper Death in a Dream
Death means changes in life, an anxiety about dying, a need to change or discard certain personality traits or habits. The message may be that your old self needs to be left behind. If the dead person in the dream is actually a living person - and especially if that person is your partner or sibling - the dream may be expressing unconscious resentment towards that person, or a desire to be more
Recurring Dreams With recurring dreams, the dream process tries to present troublesome emotions or situations to the conscious mind to resolve the trauma or difficulty underlying the dream. Some recurring dreams can be stopped by merely receiving the unconscious information and acknowledging that there is an emotion disturbance. To solve a problem you first must know what it is and consciously acknowledge that it exists
Lucid Dreaming Lucid Dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. This consciousness allows you to guide your dreams. Lucidity usually begins in the midst of a dream when the dreamer realizes that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but is a dream. Often this realization is triggered by the dreamer noticing some impossible or unlikely occurrence in the dream, such as flying or meeting the deceased. Sometimes people become lucid without noticing any particular clue in the dream; they just suddenly realize they are in a dream. A minority of lucid dreams (according to the research of LaBerge and colleagues, about 10 percent) are the result of returning to REM (dreaming) sleep directly from an awakening with unbroken reflective consciousness
Teeth Falling Out Teeth represents aggressiveness. Teeth falling out often represents a fear of getting old or a loss of physical or emotional energy, a loss of power to control one's life. Dreams of losing teeth are often dreams of embarrassment or potentially embarrassing situations. The parallel waking experience could be summed up in the phrase "losing face" publicly. Teeth usually symbolize power and/or control. Animals use their teeth for defense and nourishment and show their teeth when angry. Humans often display similar behaviors. Look and see if you are losing or abusing power and control in any area of your life (especially if you are losing teeth in your dream).
Flying Represents liberation, over-reaching one-self, closer to authenic self, a detached view of the world. Carl Jung's idea was that in a flying dream we are expressing our desire to break free of restrictions and limitations. We have a desire to be free and above all difficulties! Alfred Adler thought that this dream was a type of a superiority dream in which we reveal the desire to dominate and be above others. Focusing on the libido, Freud thought that flying was another way to express sexual desires. The details of your dream will give you clues as to what it symbolizes, if your dream was a spiritual experience or ego based. Some people believe that flying in our dreams can be an actual out of body experience, that we go to places on this physical plane as well as into the inner planes (mostly the Astral). Edgar Cayce thought that Astral travel or "soul travel" might be a precursor to becoming lucid in a dream.
Apocalypse Fixed ideas are being dismantled, an annihilation of personality traits leading to new discoveries, deep personal changes in dreamer's life
Dreaming of Angels Represents parts of your psyche that offers greater fulfillment, your positive self or your higher, spiritual self. As a dream symbol they may attempt to focus the dreamer's attention on his own divine qualities and the supportive and loving aspects of life.
Drowning Keeping your 'head' above water; a need to change certain negative situations in life. Represents a fear of being overwhelmed by unconscious forces (repressed memories of abuse, etc.). A loss of one's identity due to being overwhelmed by emotions
Swallowed by a Whale Being controlled by a dominant mother. A descent into the unconscious where represessed and forgotten momories reside. That "belly of the whale" is supposedly evoked when the hero is swallowed up by a large monster. "This represents the entry into a mystical world where transformations occur, and the eventual escape represents a spiritual rebirth." Joseph Campbell found the motif in the original "Star Wars," when Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie fall into the Death Star trash compactor, which promptly sets to work squashing them.
Bodies of Water Symbolizes emotions. Are they free-flowing or stagnant? A symbol of fertility, growth, creative potential. Deep water represent the unconscious which suggests repressed or forgotten aspects are trying to break through to consciousness.
Sexual Intercourse Often a straightforward expression of sexual desire. Integration of opposite traits of your personalty that have yet been acknowledged (the feminine self in men, etc. A need or desire to incorporate aspects of the person you are having sex with. For more info about sex and dreams see 'Dreams of Sex, the Sex of Dreams'
Incest An account of real life events. A straightfoward expression of desire toward a family member. An anima/animus figure. For a man, an attachment to your mother. Merger of parts of your psyche. For a woman,if the dream is about her father, it may be an expression of her (repressed) childhhod desire for her father. A dream with her brother may be an animus symbol, her masculine qualities. A dream with incest with her son, or incestous desires, are probably expressing her anxiety concerning her - natural - sensuous pleasure in the sight and touch of him.
Killing or Being Killed Hatred or envy towards the person in the dream. A repression or suppression of some aspect of yourself. Putting an end to negative emotions or irrational guilt-feelings. Depriving the contrasexual qualities of your personality [See anima/animus]. Also see dream dictionary for meaning of dead/death.

Being Naked/Nude
A longing for childhood innocence. Getting past outward appearances and accepting who you really are. Frightened of being nude may indicate a fear of sexual relationships, or a fear of revealing your inner feelings. Dreaming that you are naked may indicate the fear of being found out and exposed about your activities and misjudgment. Dreaming that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up may mean your vulnerability to a situation. Seeing a naked person in your dream and you are disgusted by it means some anxiety about discovering the naked truth about that person or situation. It may also foretell of an illicit love affairs, loss of prestige and scandalous activities. On the other hand, if you do not have any problem with another's nudity, then it implies that you see through people and accept them for who and what they more
Being Pursued
or Chased
Something or someone who constitutes a threat in your waking life. Pursed by a policeman may represent an over-developed super-ego. Pursued by an animal represents some repressed aspect of yourself that made you anxious but now threatens to overcome you
Pregnancy Something new is coming into your life, a new direction, plan, idea, a higher awareness. If you want to be physically pregnant the dream could be a reflection of that desire
Climbing a Mountain May symbolize achievement, or a task to be accomplished. Overcoming obstacles in your life. Falling off a mountain may symbolize your inability to achieve that task. A high mountain may symbolize rising above the common pursuits of evertday life
Vampires Something is draining your energy, perhaps a friend or relative. Negative thinking also drains you of positive results in your life. Blood often symbolizes life, and a vampire represents something sucking the life out of you
Earthquake Something is falling apart in your life, or there is a possibility of that happening. Since earth often represents mother, an earthquake could mean the breaking-up of your mother-attachment. Dreaming of an earthquake, suggests that you are experiencing a major "shake-up" that is threatening your stability and foundation. The dream highlights your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. If you find cover from the quake, you will overcome these challenges.
Seeing Jesus
or the Buddha
Jesus is often a representation of your true self, your creative self or values you hold dear in your life. It also can symbolize the union of opposites, the bringing together of conflicting forces in your life. If Jesus is pronouncing forgiveness it may symbolize that you have identified certain guilt-feelings or inner conflict and you are now ready to lay these to rest
Being in Church A church may represent the totally integrated psyche [See 'Individuation' process], with all its elements organized as a harmonious whole centred on whatever constitues your supreme value of truth (which often is an unconscious motivation). It may represent your feelings about religion (good or bad)
Climbing May be a symbol of ambition or success. Does the climbing fill you with fear? Perhaps you may need to sort out an inferiority complex. There is such a thing as climbing too high and the dream is warning you of this possibility. Dreaming that you are climbing up something (ladder, rope, etc.) may mean that you are trying to or you have overcome a great struggle. Dreaming that you are climbing down a cliff, indicates that you need to acknowledge and take notice of your unconscious. You are expressing some hesitance and reservation with delving into your more negative feelings. Alternatively, it suggests that you may be feeling low or emotionally drained.
Wearing Certain Clothes The persona or ego-centric person. May represent feelings you have toward yourself. Old or worn out clothes may indicate either anxiety about your appearance or feelings of inferiority. Changing your clothes may indicate a change of lifestyle or of attitude; changing your persona or becoming a new person
Horses A horse-particularly a stallion- may be a symbol of sexuality. Horses may symbolize emotions. If a horse or horses are pulling you in a carriage, they may represent your emotions. Are you in control or are they? Are the horses rampaging? Your emotions may be threatening riot within your unconscious if you do not seriously attend to their requests or if you are allowing your over-straught emotions to rule you
Luggage or Excess Baggage Luggage may represent the need to get rid of old habits or attitudes. it may represent a need to get out of some present situation; or a fear of having to do so. Seeing luggage in your dream may symbolize the many desires, worries, and needs that you carry with you and weighing you down. Dreaming of baggage often refers to the problems and things that you are carrying on your shoulders and weighing your down.
Being Raped In a woman's dream, rape may represent either (unconscious) fears of sex or (masochistic) fantasies of being raped. A man's dream of commiting a rape would probably be a straightforward symbol of sexual desire, but of a sadistic kind. You probably need to become acquainted with your feminine quailties [see anima/animus] - and let them play a larger part in your life. What are you trying to take vengeance for (doesn't necessarily have to do with sex)? Did your mother seem to withdraw her love from you as a boy?
Suicide Suicide in a dream may mean you feel unable to cope with a problem that has obessed and flustrated you for a long time. If the person committing suicide is close to you in real life, it may be that you harbour (unconscious) negative feelings towards that person. Suicide often indicates serious emotional difficulties and one may need to consult others for help if indeed their is emotional trauma in the life.
Deceased People in Dreams A deceased person you actually knew may be 'coming back' not to haunt you but to advise and help you, espcially if it is a deceased parent or partner. If the deceased person is actually alive, it may represent resentment towards that person. The deceased person may represent some part of you-instinctive forces, perhaps- and the dream will be telling you that this part (i.e. guilt feelings or inferiority complex) ought to die, or that it is a valuable part of your unconscious psyche that needs to be brought to life
Demons or Devils The evil connotations of the devil figure may reflect the dreamer's fear of those repressed contents of the unconscious that are, in fact, the very forces that - if mobolized and utilized - could bestow new and fuller life. Demons probably represent parts of your unconscious mind that have been repressed and neglected and now are threatening to disrupt or mutilate the psyche. See dream dictionary,/a> for more info
A God or Goddess A god or goddess figure may represent a source of meaning/wisdom/energy. Look for that source within yourself, where it is usually covered by layers of emotion. God(dess) may represent your true self, your potential wholeness. Male god figures may represent the animus [see anma/animus] in a woman's dreams, and goddess figures may represent the anima [see anma/animus] in a man's dreams. They may lead you to deeper into your psyche
Earth Contrasted with the sky, earth may symbolize a need to 'keep your feet on the ground' or pay attention to 'earthly' aspects of your being. It may be 'Mother Earth', symbolizing your own mother. Bear in mind that earth, as well as giving birth to things, also swallows them up again (when they die). Similarly, your mother - or your attachment to her - may have a 'devouring' aspect: one that hinders your individual development. Mother Earth may also represent your unconscious. Life-giving energy comes up from the unconscious region. This is the 'womb' that contains potential for further development
Snakes The snake sheds its skin and grows new skin; shedding the old, new growth. This means there is new life, rejuvenation, healing. Is the snake guarding something? If so, it may symbolize either your true and total self or something you need for the next stage of personal development. For Freud a snake would symbolize the phallus. Snake is seen as evil in Western philosophies so you may need to consider your religious upbringing to ascertain the relevance. It could symbolize unnecessary 'evil' emotions about 'natural' aspects of human life, such as sex.
Various People in a Dream People usually represent various aspects of yourself, albeit in many cases unconscious: wishes, fears, drives, habits, attitudes, and so on. It can also be an account of your relationship with other people in your life, or about certain qualities those people possess that you desire to incorporate (or do not wish to have) in your personality
Crossing a Bridge Bridges often represent transition. It therefore may symbolize a critical juncture in your life: for example, about whether you are going to be able to go through with a change from living on your own to living with a partner (or the reverse); from one job to another; from one set of values to another. A bridge is also an expansion over water. Water represents the uncosncious, thus crossing a bridge may symbolize unconscious changes that thedream is making you consciously aware of
Nightmares and Night Terrors A nightmare is a very distressing dream which usually forces at least partial awakening. The dreamer may feel any number of disturbing emotions in a nightmare, such as anger, guilt, sadness or depression, but the most common feelings are fear and anxiety. Nightmare themes may vary widely from person to person and from time to time for any one person. Probably the most common theme is being chased. Adults are commonly chased by an unknown male figure whereas children are commonly chased by an animal or some fantasy figure. For more on nightmares [Go Here] . For info on night terrors [Go Here]
Hair Seeing hair in your dream means sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health. It is indicative of your attitudes. If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it is symbolic of uncertainty and confusion in your life. You may be unable to think straight. Dreaming that you are cutting your hair, suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits. Dreaming that you are combing, stroking or styling your hair, suggests that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook, or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your self-image and appearance. Dreaming that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation. Dreaming that you are losing your hair indicates that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sex appeal/virility. You are preoccupied with aging and your appearance. Losing you hair also signify a lack of strength and that you do not possess the power to succeed in an undertaking. You may be feeling weak and vulnerable. Dreaming that someone is smelling your hair indicates sexual curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You have a lot to learn about a relationship. The way yours or someone else's hair smell may remind your of a particular person. Dreaming that you are reaching for someone's hair, suggests that you are trying to connect with that person on a spiritual or intellectual level. It also refers to sympathy, protectiveness, and fraternal love. Dreaming that the wind is blowing through your hair means freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are "letting your hair down". Dreaming that your hair is white or turns white indicates that something important has just been made aware to you. It is a symbol of wisdom and insight. The dream may also be a metaphor suggesting that you are feeling "light-headed".

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